Roots & Barks

Culpeper's Herbal of 1652

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ID# Roots/Barks 1 lb
RB101 Althea Root (Marshmallow)c/s $10.00
RB101P Althea Root (Marshmallow) Po.
RB102 Angelica Root, c/s $10.25
RB105 Beth Root, c/s $22.00
RB106 Black Cohosh Root,c/s $14.25
RB107 Blue Cohosh Root,c/s $14.00
RB108 Burdock Root,c/s $8.25
RB109 Burdock Root, powder $8.75
RB110 Calamus Root ~ c/s $14.50
RB110P Calamus Root Powder
RB111 Canada Snake Root, c/s $26.50
RB112 Cascara Sagrada Bark,c/s $19.75
RB112P Cascara Sagrada Bark, Powder
RB1470 Catuaba Bark Powder
RB114 Chicory Root, roasted ground $7.50
RB115 Comfrey Root ~ ,c/s $15.25
RB115P Comfrey Root,Powder
RB1156 Cramp bark  c/s
RB1906 Cramp bark  powder
RB116 Cranesbill Root,c/s $16.75
RB117 Dandelion Root, raw cut $9.50
RB118 Dandelion Root, cut roasted $20.00
RB1165 Devil's Claw Root Powder
RB1653 Devil's Claw Root Slices
R630C Dong Quai Root  slices $30.00
R630P Dong Quai Root  powder $11.00
RB119 Echinacea Angustifolia Root $12.00 per oz. $60.00
RB120 Echinacea Purpurea Root po.$9.00 per oz. $45.00
RB121 Elecampagne Root~ $10.75
RB1183 False Unicorn Root c/s
RB152P Fo Ti Teng Root-powder
RB750C Galangal Root, c/s
RB122 Galangal Root, whole $11.75
RB123 Gentain Root,c/s $28.25
RB123P Gentain Root, Powder
CH137 Ginger Root Powder
RB124 Ginseng Root, powder - $9.00 per oz. $45.00
RB125C Goldenseal Root,cut~ $15.00 per oz $75.00
RB126P Goldenseal Root, powder $ 17.00 oz $85.00
RB151 Jalap Root / slices
RB1471 Jiaogulan Powder (gynostemma)
RB127 Kava Kava Root, powder $21.00
RB129 Licorice Root,c/s ~ $11.25
RB129P Licorice Root Powder
RB130 Licorice Root Sticks, 6" ~ $12.95
RB402P Lobelia Root Powder~
RB131 Lovage Root,c/s $15.75
RB132 Oak Bark, white c/s $9.00
RB400 Oregon Grape Root Powder
RB133 Orris Root,c/s $12.75
RB134 Orris Root, powder $13.25
RB135 Pleurisy Root,c/s $18.00
RB136 Quassia Chips,c/s~ $12.00
RB222C Rhubarb,"Turkey Rhubarb" c/s
RB222P Rhubarb,"Turkey Rhubarb" powder
RB137 Sarsaparilla Root,c/s $10.00
RB138 Sassafrass Root Bark~, c/s $18.00
RB138P Sassafrass Root Bark~ powder
RB139 Slippery Elm Bark,c/s $22.00
RB140 Slippery Elm Bark, powder $23.00
RB141 Solomon's Seal Root,c/s $21.25
RB142 Spikenard Root,c/s $20.00
RB1475 Tribulus Terrestris Powder
RB143 Valerian Root,c/s $10.00
RB144 Valerian Root, powder $11.00
RB145 White Willow Bark,c/s $9.30
RB147 Wild Cherry Bark,c/s $9.00
RB147P Wild Cherry Bark powder           $10.00
RB149 Witch Hazel Bark,c/s $12.25
RB1331 Wild Yam Root  c/s
RB401P Wild Yam Root powder
RB150 Yellow Dock Root,c/s $7.75
RB1342 Yucca Root Root,c/s
RB1341 Yucca Root, powder

~  = use with caution, see safety guide
c/s = cut and sifted
Safety Guidelines Regarding the Use of Herbs
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